As long as I can remember I had already dogs…
My first one called Wally and allthough it was not allowed with my parents, she sneeked into my bed every night and nowadays all my dogs are on my bed with permission. And when the bed will be to small, as we get more dogs this year(2019), we will put small beds around it so that we all can sleep comfortable.
I had also many breeds, from little Pincher till big old English Mastiffs and now finally I felt in love with the Icelandic dogs. From refugee shelters and now breeding dogs with pedigrees. I love my hubby, I love people, I love children, I love life, I love cats as well, I love trees, I love nature, I love the earth, but I love my dogs the most!
If you touch them you get that lucky fever(oxytocine) and they get it it too from you, that’s why we adore each other so much.
Love you all!